Just Joined The Mile-High Club.

milehighclub-memberSo I just returned from a business trip to Australia. Had a fabulous time – work was successful and I caught up with a few girlfriends that currently live in Australia.

But one of, and the most interesting juicy story of my two weeks away is……. an event that I’m most proud of… that I’d love to tell my friends about, but I don’t think anyone would understand, is my new membership.  I have joined the Mile-High club!  I’m 42 years old, and I’ve had my first sex-on-an-airplane experience.  It was delicious.  Just thinking about it gets me excited all over again.  Ladies, it works both ways – don’t believe all the porn films or just the men’s stories – sex on a plane can be equally, if not more fulfilling for you too!  The passion, the desire, the risk..  mmmhh mmmhh mmhhh, so good.

Here is how it happened.  The plane was going to be full, as the flight attendant kept saying over the loud speaker. Over and over again, make room for everyones bag, plane is full.  However, there was an empty seat between me and another woman, “aisle girl” is what we will call her from now on.  The plane was finished boarding, and Aisle Girl and I commented on how lucky we were to have an empty seat between us on the flight.  Then, a handsome man, handsome in a young, unshaven, dark hair, olive-complected way, asked my seat mate for access to his seat.  Even though he was handsome, I was disappointed – I truly only care about 3 things when I travel – wine, entertainment, and my sleeping pills.  I love to sleep on the airplane…just my thing.

Anyway, he sits down.  I’m sure he sees our disappointment.  Personally, because I care about sleeping, I don’t really care to speak with other folks while on the airplane. I consider it my personal time, my personal space.  Given this,  I had my headphones on, watching a movie. It took FOREVER for the drink cart to come around. By the time it did, I ordered 2 glasses of wine (2 plastic clear cups of wine is what they gave me). The flight attendant said they would be back around before dinner…. I knew that what she said was true, but that it would take just as long (an hour), so asked again for the 2 glasses.  This young buck next to me took the opportunity  to say hello… we did the obligatory “Hello I’m sitting next to you for the next 14 hours” small chit chat, then I put my headset on and continued my movie.  But then dinner came, I took my headset off, and the small talk started again.

We chatted while eating.. he happened to be a recent law school graduate.  He went to school in Australia but was from Canada. He was headed home to get a job.  I’ve forgotten his name, as well as the name of his Canadian home town, but it’s really not relevant to this story, now is it? 😉  We talked a bit about what I do, what I was doing in Australia…  etc.  It was good conversation.  We had another drink, chatted some more…

Now before I go into the details, let me remind you what is going through my head, or what I live with everyday.  I a single woman in my 40’s.  I’ve been single for a while.  Most men I meet that are within 10 years of my age and are either too young, or already married with children. Both typically have zero interest in me.  I’m not a typical “good looking girl” – I’m not tall, or slender, and I am carrying around a few or 20 extra pounds (but I have a great smile and can talk to just about anyone!). Needless to say, most men just don’t see me, they look right through or past me.  And I’m used to being overlooked.  I get it, it’s just part of life right now.

With that said, after the flight attendants came to clear the trays, Mr. Middle Seat planted one on me.  He reached over, cradled my head in his big hands, and gave me one of the best, most passionate “stranger” kisses I’ve ever had.  I was shocked.  It took me aback and took me a few seconds to figure out what was going on –  I thought he was cute, but hadn’t felt any energy or sexual tension between us. Obviously I was wrong.  Wow.  Immediately I felt the sexual tension…   We spent the next few minutes kissing… then we cover each other up with the blankets provided and begin to feel each other up.  His dick is so hard, my juices were flowing.  He was touching me, rubbing me, his touch both soft and hard, in all the right places.  When I think back to it I shudder (in a very good way).

For being so young, he was so confident.  We fooled around for a while in our seats.  He was very good, like he had done this before, or I was in need of some relief, or both…  Either way, the tension grew, and he finally said that he couldn’t take it anymore and suggested we take care of it.  Somehow, together, we got up from our seats – we had to ask “Aisle Girl” to move so we could get out.  The flight attendants were not around, so we snuck (how sneaky we were I’ll never know) into the bathroom together.  First time I’d been in an airplane bathroom with anyone else.  When two people want to be together, there is an amazing amount of room in that bathroom.  We had time to experience each other in three ways – standing, me on the bathroom counter, and then me on top of him on the toilet (seat down).  Not sure how long we were in there, didn’t feel like a long time, but god did it feel good.

Once we got ourselves together, composed ourselves, we left the bathroom and walked to our seats.  “Aisle Girl” let us back into our row… I proceeded to pass out (due to the wine, ambien, and sexual satisfaction)…   I slept for most of the way home..

When I woke up, we spoke.. had a pleasant conversation over breakfast.  Yep. He was still a cutie.  We landed.. ended up getting off the airplane at different times… Because we are from different countries we ended up in different Customs lines.  Once I got through customs I grabbed my bags and ran to my next flight.  I never saw him again after I deplaned.  I’m pretty sure I won’t see him again, which is a shame, because he was good and I could use another experience (or 100) like that again.

So, in the end it just happened. I wonder if the sparkle in my eye will get me some more “Mile High Club” experiences sooner rather than later, or if its a once in a lifetime experience – something wonderful that happens to you when you are least expecting it.

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Moving On. Ever Forward.

green-catI don’t know why I stopped posting on this blog, it is certainly not because I’ve not been enjoying myself.

A quick update – I did start dating someone a few years ago.. but now that is over.  I’m on my own once again.  I feel a tremendous relief to NOT be in a relationship – the demands of this relationship was very stressful for me.  My ex-boyfriend took very good care of me, but he wanted a companion, which is not something that I just could not offer at this point in my life given my work schedule and my desire to stay connected with friends and colleagues.

I realized this about 6 months ago, I moved out 3 months ago.  We still see each other, just not as frequently.  I do believe he is still in love with me (and who wouldn’t be??)  and hopes that I will change my mind.. however, the more time I spend away, the more sure I am of my choice.  I now need to step up to the plate and deliver the truth.  I now realize that it is very hard to be the bearer of bad news to a good person.

Still have the 2 cats, they are 7 now.  Even more adorable and dog-like than before.  Just ran to the grocery store, Sophie came with me – meaning she hopped into the car, waited for me by the car door, and was super happy I was back.  I no longer have to carry her in a bag if she wants to join, she just tags along on her own.

So there it is.  Now the fun can be documented… 😉

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Starting Over (again) with a Hunk Of a Man.

O.k.. so bring it on, I’m ready!

I joined a dating website a few months ago … not that that is exciting.. it’s what I found on that site. I found a guy that is so extremely attractive… I’m talking Calvin Klein model gorgeous. Definitely the best looking guy I’ve ever been with. If I thought I could attract such a specimen, I would not have wasted my time with any of my Ex’s… Honestly. What he is doing with me I’ll never know, but I’m taking this baby for a ride. I’m going to document each encounter .. there is bound to be a lot of hot, steamy sex in my future… I cannot wait!!  Its been a very very long time since I’ve had a good sex mate. My plan is to share as much of my experiences with you as possible… my journal into sexual liberation!!

As soon as I get to know him better I’ll come up with a nickname.. right now, its just hot sexy guy…  I’m hoping there are many more of these in my life (gorgeous hot men)..

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Took Him For A Test Drive.

I’m back! This blog is now about all my dating/sexual adventures that I cannot post on my “family friendly” blog…

Here goes – I’m in Hawaii with a guy I’ve been dating for a couple of months. We just had sex for the first time yesterday, and my very sound advice to everyone out there – take the bike/car/man for a test drive before you purchase the goods.

I now have 50 hours left in Hawaii with Chicken Legs… uggghhh, What was I thinking??

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Dating at 40.

I know, I know, I’m not quite 40, but I’ve always felt older, wanted to be older… so it’s natural that I call myself 40 now.

It think its impossible to find and love someone until I find and love myself. — I’ve done this hard work, and now I know myself very well – I know what I want, I am more confident, patient, easy going…… I feel really comfortable in my skin . I know I have a lot to offer/give to someone, to a relationship, to a partnership (wished I had all of this when I was in my 20’s and 30’s… ). This makes dating very different now…

Over the last two years, since my divorce, I’d dated two men – these men captured my heart in some way… intelligence, good sense of humor, quick witted, desire to be good people/do the right thing, live healthy lifestyles… Yes, only two because I don’t go out with just anyone, I want to date the right person for me, a person that I clicked with, that brings something to the table (kindness, empathy, joy, selfishlessness, etc). Clicking doesn’t happen very often…. But now, I need to make sure that I click with an AVAILABLE guy… one that can, wants, and is ready to build a strong friendship/relationship trust, humor, and support. Life is never easy, but having the right partner can make life so much richer than it already is… Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other.

So, here I go, back into the great wide ocean to catch a good fish. I’m look forward to meeting new people and see what happens. Wish me luck.

Oh, and I found this link while searching for images for this post – its a classic – http://www.craigslist.org/about/best/den/446210922.html. Enjoy!

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I’ve been thinking about my new status…  single.  Single again after a few short months of dating someone I really enjoyed.   I’m bummed.  I really  liked someone.  Its been quite a while since I felt – truly felt – something for someone.  I had so much fun  – deep connections, great sex, good times..   My perfect relationship.
BUT, the good news is, that I’ve learned something about myself –  that I am ready to be in a relationship again..   I do want to have someone special in my life… So, with that, I am going to start leaving myself open to meeting more people and see what happens…  I have friends who are willing and wanting to set me up with their friends, and single girlfriends who wants to go out and ‘mingle’.
Its all going to be o.k…. 2011 is going to be a great year for me – boyfriend or not.  I feel ready … feel like I’ve done what I need to do to recover/repair myself.  Now is my time, time to open myself up to opportunies/options.

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Back to Square One… Again.

Funny…. I just read my last post about life not being all about love… 

And here I come, to write about my latest failed adventure. 

Yes, I found someone that made my heart skip a beat.  But alas, it was not meant to be.  He finally called tonight, after spending the weekend away, telling me he felt “pressure” to call.. and didn’t want to feel that pressure…    I told him that if he didn’t want to call, that he shouldn’t call – and if he didn’t want or feel the need to call, then DON”T SAY IT.  He always says “do what you say, say what you mean”…   I said if you don’t feel it, don’t do it – I don’t need it.

He is a recently seperated man with 2 girls.  He went away for the weekend with friends and his daughter… he kept texting me that he would call, then didn’t.  I have been traveling to/from the East Coast during the week, and was home for 36 hours.  He didnt call when he said he would, and after arriving back on the East Coast I texted him and said “dont bother to call, I’m going to bed. Good night.”.  It was 2am East Coast Time and he hadn’t called… .  I needed to go to bed, I was exhausted….  yes, it was grumpy, but I was at the end of my rope with the hypocracy.

I knew going in that he wasn’t ready for a relationship, but I really liked him as a person – great energy, seemed like an honest person, or at the very least, he wanted to be an honest person.  He said he was ready and wanted to be with me.   I trusted that.  But in the end, he just isn’t ready to include someone else in his life, and I’m not ready to compromise what I need.  I want a partner that shows up, and most importantly, WANTS to show up.  I’ve had it with men who want something for nothing.  

Back to square one…  but it is the new year..

I do miss Married Man…. we fit so well together.  Hard to not get nostalgic … But there is another guy who doesn’t know what they want.   I’d love to find a man that knows what they want – and what they want is to be with an independant, mature, and drama-free woman.

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Life Is More Than Dating.

I just wanted to report that my holidays were very nice.  I spent the holiday alone, with the ladies.  It was so quiet and nice.  I just moved (purchased a home!!!), so I unpacked and put things away.  While unpacking and moving stuff around, I thought quite a bit about this year, 2010, and what has happened…

I realized that I’ve only written about dating on this site, and therefore my posts have been spuratic.  This is because dating is just a small portion of my overall life – I live such a rich and fullfilling life as a mother of two cats, step-mom to a gorgeous niece and her two darling ladies,  and a good friend to some of the best people on this planet.  I also have a career that I do like (I would give it up if I won the lottery, but I would still do something technical that helps people)..

So this year, 2011, I plan to give my readers more.   In the meantime, the 2010 dating update is below:

  • Married Man is now my friend… no longer my lover.  He is still in the same place…   He is a great guy, just hasn’t figured out what life means to him and what will make him happy.  I love him, but am not in love with him anymore.
  • Mr. Mid-West was at the top of my list… but he made himself unavailable.  He just got out of a long marriage and didn’t seem to want to get into anything resembling a relationship.  We email each other, I see him occasionally, but we are just friends.  He definitely has potential when he finally decides to let go of the past and re-invent love and a relationship for himself.
  • Online dating.  Online dating is not for me…  I cancelled my subscription.  I just found that the men that seem to be on these sites are looking for love, they are looking to get laid.  Doesn’t really matter what they say in their profile, thats the bottom line.  This is no different than regular life – so I’ll take my chances while living my regular life.

There you have it….  two days of thoughts, summarized in a small post.

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, spent the time doing exactly what they wanted, and who they wanted to do it with.

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And the Pendulum Swings.

Love is scary….

 I’ve found someone who has grabbed a hold of my heart.   I can’t help but feel exhilerated, full of hope,  like I’m on a long vacation.  Friends say I’m glowing ( I say its the sex…).  I feel like its a first love but better, because I’m more mature, we are more open, honst, communicative about our needs.   It just feels like good times are bound to last forever…  I can’t imagine not having this person in my life… 

On the other side, and where my heart swings wildy when I least expect it, is fear.   When I think of what I could lose, how much my heart/body/soul ached the last time, I want to run far far away from it.  Not wanting to dive in ONLY to save myself from the pain …

So, like a pendulum, I swing back and forth – from head over heals to scared to death, ducking into  and out of both fear and exileration … over and over again…

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Did I forget to mention….?

Yes, not so nice guy, you did indeed forget to mention, on our first date, that you are still married!

This is the the statement made by cute man made on a second date.  I love it… its so classic.  A casual question, “oh, by the way, did I forget to mention…… ” .  The other interesting I learned ON THE SECOND date was:

  • a) that he went to Ashland Oregon on a 2nd date with another lady, and
  • b) that he is still married. Seperated of course, no love lost between them for 5 years… waiting for the contracts to be signed, etc..

This was my second date.  Overall, this is literally my 3-4th date… putting myself out there…. nothing worth my time at this moment, but I do have a high bar.   I have no complaints, when the right one comes along, we will both know it.  Otherwise, I just plan on having fun with the guys that are busy trying to get something for nothing.  Makes good entertainment.

Anyway, I have to go to bed, so I can get to work tomorrow and start all over again (and this situation proves that starting over is NOT such a bad thing).

Good night.

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